The renovated seawall looking west.

AKTC / Mohamad Faizul Bin Ismail

This is a major undertaking that will completely transform the nature of the central public space and enhance appreciation of the 18th-century fort that, without its former moat, may appear today as an incomplete and diminished landmark. This attention to reconstituting the north seafront’s physical setting and urban significance within the wider WHS Master Plan distinguishes our approach from most contemporary planning initiatives. Very often, the latter consist of an accidental combination of piecemeal and uncoordinated developments. These inevitably disregard the harmony and coherence of past urban ensembles and the sense of place and continuity that characterise the cities we have inherited from previous generations. We endeavour to re-establish these urban continuities and put back, at least in part, what has been so hastily and inconsiderately destroyed following the town’s more recent urban transformations.