Prince Rahim Aga Khan addresses climate issues in Africa at the Kusi Ideas Festival
Climate-smart agriculture has helped thousands of farmers to increase their rice yields in Madagascar and southern Tanzania.
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Climate change is as important a reason as any for Africa to come together. Our shared lakes and rivers are either overflowing and causing disastrous floods, or drying out and plunging tens of millions of our people in hunger.

Dr Wilfred Kiboro, Chairman, NMG

In its endeavour to be the Media of Africa for Africa, Nation Media Group, which is a part of the Aga Khan Development Network, has sought, like the Kusi trade winds that enabled trade, ideas and new markets between Asia and Africa for centuries, to enable a “Pan-African ideas transaction market” to discuss the challenges facing Africa; and what the continent should consider to secure its future in the 21st century.

Prince Rahim Aga Khan