Fighting climate and emergency shocks: Voices from the frontline in northern Pakistan
Community emergency response volunteers carry out a simulation using a stretcher.
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At first, I didn’t know how to attend to [emergency] situations, but after saving [a] man’s life, I feel proud that with this training, I can be helpful to others too and be capable of saving other people’s lives – of this I am proud.

Yunan Zahra, CERT volunteer, Alchori, Shigar

Women taking part in VDRMCs and CERT training is essential. Women play an important role in our society – this is how societies operate properly and fairly.

Imran Khan, VDRMC member, Marjunka, Shigar.

By helping others, I feel like I have more courage… I love working as a CERT volunteer.

Rubab Batool, CERT volunteer, Pari, Kharmang