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A vocational programme prepares young trainees to work as solar energy technicians.

AKF Egypt

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A young entrepreneur at work during an automotive workshop.


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Egypt | Economic Development


The Continuing Education Programme reaches over 4,000 people

Based in Aswan, the Continuing Education Programme aims to provide practical, industry-relevant training to unemployed and under-employed youth in the governorate of Aswan in South Egypt.

The programme aims to support the young people of the local communities to improve their knowledge and skills. It increases their employability by preparing them for the competitive labour market through career counselling and job placement services.

The Continuing Education Centre offers English language courses, basic and advanced management and soft skills training. It also provides local labour market demand-driven accredited courses on information technology, vocational training and human resources development. It offers local context-specific training, such as airline ticket issuing to serve the governorate’s key industry of tourism.

AKF also provides gender-sensitive training to address social and financial barriers and help women engage in self-employment. This includes engaging communities in agri-business opportunities.

The Aswan Connect programme aims to build a culture of entrepreneurship. It incubates and accelerates the creation and growth of sustainable businesses and self-employment opportunities in Upper Egypt.