During post-earthquake reconstruction, AKDN worked both in the Chakama Valley in Pakistan-administered …


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AKAH’s technical experts conduct hazard vulnerability and risk assessments using satellite data and geographic information system technologies together with participatory on-site assessments to help communities understand, map and plan for the risks they face.


Disaster Preparedness and Response

We work with communities to understand their vulnerabilities and protect themselves against the risks they face. Combining scientific analysis with local knowledge and community participation, we have conducted hazard, vulnerability and risk assessments (HVRAs) for over 2,500 settlements covering nearly three million people.

Using these assessments and satellite data we maintain a detailed GIS database that analyses and predicts disaster risk. We monitor 15 glacial lakes and operate 88 community-managed weather monitoring posts covering over 600 avalanche-prone settlements, to provide early warning of potential disasters.

We also support a network of nearly 40,000 local emergency first response volunteers, almost half of whom are women. These volunteer teams warn and safely evacuate people before disasters strike. They respond with first aid, search and rescue, and emergency relief post-disaster.

Participatory planning pre-pandemic in Khorog, Tajikistan in 2018. AKAH looked at the experience of some leading urban planning practitioners in the developing world for lessons on how to continue community engagement during a pandemic.


Habitat Planning

We bring communities together to design a better future, thinking about what it takes to make neighbourhoods, villages and towns safe while creating places that offer economic opportunity. We have developed a unique approach to planning that integrates community engagement, data-driven decision-making and spatial design to create thriving communities for decades to come.

This water installation in Pakistan ensures clean and safe water. Before, people drank from irrigation channels, which caused health problems such as diarrhoea, skin infections, eye infections and hepatitis. 

AKDN / Christopher Wilton-Steer

Water and Sanitation

Our experts work with communities to construct critical infrastructure for clean water and sanitation. Our aim is to ensure access to safe drinking water and sanitation for every family – in their home. We have built safe water and sanitation systems for more than 600,000 people, trained hundreds of community volunteers to operate and maintain water supply systems and conducted thousands of school and community health and hygiene sessions.

When disasters like floods and seismic activity have tested the resilience of villagers in Darvaz, Tajikistan, AKAH has helped the community recover with new housing, water systems and other infrastructure. 

AKDN / Christopher Wilton-Steer

Safe and Sustainable Construction

We provide planning, design and construction management services to promote safe, seismically resistant construction and develops green, energy-efficient solutions. Our teams have helped communities build 50,000 homes and 5,000 hospitals, schools, and community centres in many remote areas, which are resilient to natural hazards.

They are also designed to use energy and resources efficiently. We promote resilient and climate-smart construction by providing green building solutions and safe construction design and management services.

Our vision is that even the most vulnerable communities live in safe places where they can thrive for generations to come.