AKAH works with communities to make sure that their homes, schools, hospitals and critical infrastructure are ...

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Blending local stone and structural reinforcement techniques, AKAH India designs affordable, comfortable, and ...


AKAH promotes green and energy efficient design and building materials, using local and low-carbon materials a...

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AKAH India promotes affordable, safe, disaster-resilient and green building design and construction standards,...

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Extension and seismic retrofitting of Diamond Jubilee High School, Immit. Data from the HVRAs on high-risk and safe zones is used to reinforce, protect and relocate critical infrastructure. Thanks to these efforts more than 100 schools, health centres and community buildings have been made safer and built in secure areas.


Repurposing to Avoid New Construction

For our Habitat Resources Centre in Chitrawad, Gujarat, India, we repaired and refurbished an existing office building rather than constructing a new building. This strategy of adaptive reuse avoids the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of constructing a new building by repurposing an existing building for a new use.

The layout of the existing office building was adapted to provide training rooms, meeting rooms, workspaces and open spaces to suit the needs of a resource centre. We reused existing doors and windows and reused debris generated on site for further development. This further reduced the carbon footprint by reusing a maximum of materials and limiting the costs and emissions of transporting new materials or disposing of waste.