Egyptian officials from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Ministry of Endowment, a member of the Egyptian Parliament, and the Cairo Governorate join European Union ambassadors and a delegation from the Aga Khan Trust for Culture in an event following the inauguration of the Altinbugha al-Maridani Mosque in Cairo.


As part of the project, AKTC developed goods and services for the tourism sector. Mezalla, a locally registered and managed development organisation, passed on technical and managerial capabilities to the local population, both to develop local crafts for the tourist market and provide marketing skills and training in tourism-related services.

The European Union’s aim by funding the project was to preserve and celebrate Cairo’s rich and tangible Islamic cultural heritage, as well as promote cultural tourism as a major stimulus for local socio-economic development.

It should be noted that although an estimated 70 percent of the Mosque has been restored, the full conservation of the monument will require 12 more months of work and additional funding. What has been completed includes initial architectural surveys focused not only on the principal structural components of the Mosque, but also on its fittings and decorations, such as the historic doors, painted wooden ceilings and stucco carvings.

Preparatory work began with a thorough architectural survey and photographic documentation of the building, followed by a detailed analysis and assessment of its condition and state of conservation. The assessment included a review of the structural issues, as well as the state of its decorative features, whose outstanding aesthetic qualities started to come to light after having been hidden for decades under thick layers of dust and grime.