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In conversation with Onno Rühl

In conversation with Onno Rühl

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Pakistan floods: Winter is approaching

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Avalanche preparedness training in Baghlan, Afghanistan.

AKDN at COP27: Why did we go and what did we achieve?

By Onno Rühl, General Manager, Aga Khan Agency for Habitat


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Slope stabilisation work in Khorog, under the SECO-funded Khorog Urban Resilience Programme. The use of locally made gabion boxes allows for a nature-based approach to disaster mitigation in urban areas. AKAH Tajikistan

Approaches to building mountain resilience: A COP27 panel discussion

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Our work extends to 35 countries in fields such as education and medical care, job creation and energy production, media and tourism, the fine arts and micro-finance. We believe that by improving the largest numbers of variables in the shortest possible time, we can obtain stable, long-term improvement in the quality of human life.

His Highness the Aga Khan
London, October 2015

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