Microfinance in Côte d'Ivoire

Premiere Agence de Microfinance branch in Boundiali, Côte d'Ivoire.

AKDN / Christopher Wilton-Steer

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Microfinance in Madagascar

A community-based savings group in Madagascar. Groups like this supported by AKF provide people living in remo...

AKDN / Lucas Cuervo Moura

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Anora’s story: Young people gaining access to financial services in Tajikistan

Across Tajikistan, AKF has helped to start 2,600 community-based savings groups over the past two decades, gre...

AKDN / Liz Montague

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Alinoro Rajaomarosata: Financial inclusion in Madagascar

PAMF client Alinoro Rajaomarosata (centre) runs three businesses in Madagascar and has 15 employees. Her loans...

AKDN / Lucas Cuervo Moura

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HBL reinventing itself as a tech company with a banking licence

In May 2021, HBL signed a strategic partnership agreement with Katalyst Labs for start-up acceleration and wom...

AKDN / Christopher Wilton-Steer

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AKDN | Financial Inclusion

Our approaches should encourage new financial models. Donor funding will be critical, but we cannot sustain programmes that depend on continuing bursts of outside money. Let me underscore for example, the potential of local “savings groups” and micro-insurance programmes, as well as the underutilised potential for debt-financing.

His Highness the Aga Khan
Toronto, May 2014


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