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Aga Khan Agency for Habitat and Tajikistan partner to open an urban planning and design lab

AKAH works to increase the resilience of Khorog to natural hazards by conducting integrated habitat assessment...

AKAH Tajikistan

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Improving hygiene to save lives

Hundreds of foot-operated COVID-compliant handwashing stations have been installed in public facilities across...


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Aga Khan Agency for Habitat wins recognition in TERI-IWA-UNDP Water Sustainability Awards

In Maharashtra, villagers help the AKAH team to collect details from the Gram Panchayat (village council)-owne...

AKAH India

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Planning for the future in a city in the mountains of Tajikistan

The Aga Khan Agency for Habitat, in partnership with national and local government authorities, incorporates r...

AKAH / Malika Giles

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AKDN | Habitat Planning and Improvement



The Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) has built 5,000 resilient hospitals, schools and community centres.

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Virtual design studio for planning in Afghanistan



AKAH has given 57,000 households assessments, technical assistance, or construction support for safer homes.

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AKAH and NUST collaborate on habitat planning for disaster-prone valleys in Pakistan



AKAH has worked with 50,000+ households to adopt energy efficient, renewable energy and water conservation solutions.

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Infrastructure project during COVID-19 fosters community spirit and resilience in Tajikistan

When we studied the economic development of poor societies, we realised that when poor families manage to put money aside for the first time, they invest in their homes. Often it is a tin roof, running water or a sewerage system. In other words, human beings first look at everything that happens around them and their family. By working on people’s homes, we are working on basic needs and this then has an impact on several generations in the family. It is often an asset which increases in value if the property is well managed. So, housing has an impact on many areas in a family's life and that's why I wanted to monitor the development and try to support institutions that help to drive change.

His Highness the Aga Khan
Chantilly, March 2019


Focused on Habitat Planning and Improvement





Habitat Planning and Improvement