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Aga Khan Academy Dhaka wins award for best "Education – Future Projects"

Architectural view of the future Aga Khan Academy Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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Education in Bangladesh

The Aga Khan School in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

AKDN / Saad Bin Hossain

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AKDN has worked in Bangladesh since 1955



The Aga Khan Academy Dhaka currently educates 525 students

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30 Aga Khan School students have won “Top of the Country” awards

As we look to the future of development in Bangladesh, it is important to be realistic about the challenges. But it also is important to remember the distance which has been travelled – and the building blocks which are already in place. I think, for example, of the strides which have been made here in controlling population growth, developing export trade, establishing micro-credit programmes, improving early childhood care, extending education, especially for women, and fighting corruption – in addition to doubling per capita GDP over the past two decades. The challenge now is to make development both sustainable and equitable, so that it fairly benefits people of all classes, cultures and regions.

His Highness the Aga Khan
State banquet during the Golden Jubilee visit, Dhaka, May 2008

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The site is flooded by monsoons during four months of each year. Conceived as anchored rafts, five modules house pre-school classrooms, an adult vocational workshop, and an office and water block separated by an open-air activity platform. The modules are aligned linearly and built entirely of bamboo. The unique, experimental substructure is the ground with bamboo posts and consists, first, of bricks laid on the ground to create a level surface; used tyres are affixed atop the bricks for cushioning; and steel drums are located above the tyres, and covered with bamboo flooring. The roof of each module is a bamboo bow-arch; a tarpaulin is stretched across the arch and surfaced inside and out with.bamboo.


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