Bihar, India. With the support of AKDN's Comprehensive Sanitation Initiative, Shanti Devi constructed a …

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Ramla Vuai Khamis, a graduate of the Aga Khan University School of Nursing and Midwifery, provides critical …

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Khorog, Tajikistan. The Aga Khan Lycée educates over 1,000 students from grades 0 to 11 each year. It …

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AKF works with marginalised youth, helping them to build their skills, undertake apprenticeships and find or …

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United States | Aga Khan Foundation USA


2.3 million

The Aga Khan Foundation’s (AKF) early childhood development initiatives benefit 2.3 million children globally

In 2008, in partnership with the Governments of Afghanistan and Canada, AKF started the Girls’ Education Support Programme (GESP) in several remote provinces of Afghanistan: Badakhshan, Bamyan, Baghlan and Parwan.

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AKF USA addresses the root causes of poverty by supporting and sharing innovative and gender-sensitive solutions in agriculture and food security, civil society, climate resilience, early childhood development, education, health and nutrition, and work and enterprise. Our work is informed by evidence, data, local knowledge and extensive networks of community-led institutions. It is undertaken with other AKDN agencies, as well as local, national and international partners.

Based in Washington, DC, AKF USA mobilises resources and strategic partnerships with individuals and institutions to support its mission. These partners include government agencies, corporations, foundations, NGOs, universities and professional networks.

In the USA, the Foundation serves as a learning institution for programme enhancement, policy dialogue and disseminating knowledge resources in international development. It also organises outreach campaigns, manages volunteer resources and conducts development education amongst US constituencies.

Across Africa and Asia, AKF USA provides technical, financial and capacity-building support to programmes that enable people to improve their quality of life. All of our projects – from investing in early childhood education to promoting economic inclusion – are building blocks for enduring positive change. This long-term outlook to development enables local institutions to become permanent and civil societies to thrive for generations to come.

A Community Based Savings Group supported by AKF through the Multi-Input Area Development Financing Facility for Tajikistan (ESCoMIAD) programme with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

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Local Impact

For long-term impact in addressing poverty, we need a multi-sector approach. Communities must have ownership in both defining the problems they face and generating solutions.

Local Impact is a joint initiative of AKF and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It puts communities at the centre of development.

This partnership draws on human-centred design tools and processes to spark new, innovative solutions to complex problems, while tapping into existing efforts that address these issues at the grassroots level.

Through Local Impact, AKF and USAID are committed to locally led development to catalyse inclusive economic growth, enhance access to basic services, increase the capacity of citizens and local institutions, and promote pluralism.

Volunteer-run Partnership Walk in Houston, United-States.


Volunteer Activities and Events

AKF USA’s volunteer activities and events bring Americans together in partnership with people in Africa and Asia, helping communities around the world break the cycle of poverty and build better futures together. We host many events in the USA to raise awareness of global development and the Foundation’s work, and to mobilise funds that support our programmes.

Funds raised through individual donors are leveraged through matching grants from leading donor agencies and partners, including the United States Government. This creates a multiplier effect that amplifies the impact of every donation.

Since 1995, the Foundation’s activities in the USA, including the Walk/Run, golf and virtual events, have attracted half a million participants. Inspired by a desire to help communities across Africa and Asia build better futures, thousands of volunteers organise and run these events across the country, raising millions of dollars to support the Foundation’s programmes. Today, AKF USA has volunteer groups in cities across the USA, including Atlanta, Austin, Birmingham, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Memphis, Orlando, Philadelphia, New York, San Antonio and Seattle.

AKF USA’s Planned and Legacy Giving (PLG) programme also has a team of volunteers who organise seminars and awareness events on legacy-giving opportunities across the country. Regional PLG teams are based in New York, Atlanta, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles.