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The Aga Khan School in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

AKDN / Saad Bin Hossain

The Aga Khan Academy Dhaka, Bangladesh. AKDN

The Aga Khan Academy Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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Architectural view of the Aga Khan Academy, Dhaka
Architectural view of the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Aga Khan Academy Dhaka

An Aga Khan Academy, located on 17 acres in Bashundara, Dhaka, opened in August 2022. It currently hosts 525 students, including over 90 percent of students from the Aga Khan School Dhaka.

Dedicated to an international level of excellence in education, the integrated global network of Aga Khan Academies offers a curriculum based on the IB. It is enhanced by the Aga Khan Curricular Strands, which consist of Ethics, Pluralism, Cultures (with an emphasis on Muslim civilisations), Governance and Civil Society, and Economics for Development.

To ensure access regardless of socio-economic status or other limiting factors, admission is merit-based and means-blind. The Academies aim to develop ethical leaders who work to transform their societies. Students receive a rigorous education, a pluralist cultural experience in an inspiring environment and opportunities to learn through service.

The Academy will be a residential campus. It features well-equipped subject- and age-specific classrooms; international standard science and computer labs; extensive libraries and resource centres; art and music rooms; and a 'maidan' and sports complex.

The Academies are also committed to improving the standards of education in the areas where they are situated. Each Academy incorporates a Professional Development Centre (PDC), which extends modern teaching and learning methods to government and other schools to benefit the wider region. The Aga Khan Academy Dhaka’s PDC is working with Concordia University and the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance on the Knowledge and Innovation Exchange project, which aims to improve children’s literacy skills by using software.

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The Aga Khan School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. AKDN / Saad Bin Hossain
The Aga Khan School in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

AKDN / Saad Bin Hossain

Aga Khan School Dhaka

The Aga Khan School Dhaka, considered one of the leading English-medium schools in the country, offers international quality education to more than 1,000 students. The school employs over 125 teachers, all of whom are Bangladeshi nationals.

The curriculum focuses on student-centred learning, using appropriate teaching and learning strategies such as group and cooperative learning. The curriculum is designed to develop well-rounded individuals who are able to think for themselves, contribute to society and be responsible and engaged citizens.

Since 2014, eight students have received Cambridge “Top of the World” awards and 30 students have won “Top of the Country” awards.

Students and staff from the school are joining the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka during 2022 and 2023. Students in the middle years will be able to complete their IGCEs before beginning the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme.