In Madagascar, AKF has worked with cacao collector Mr Joma Abdoul Sylvain on upgrading the quality of his caca...

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Karimkol runs a nursery in Aksy in Jalalabad region, Kyrgyz Republic. He grows apple, apricot, cherry, plums a...

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Rice farmers in Lindi, Tanzania

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Regenerative and Nutrition-Sensitive Food Systems

We work alongside various partners to improve food security through integrated agriculture, livestock and forestry interventions. We support targeted household-level nutrition and education on healthy diets, food utilisation, preparation and storage.

We provide technical assistance to farmers, collectives, businesses and other stakeholders. We encourage and enhance regenerative and organic farming practices, the household production of inputs, self-reliance and the promotion of local high-quality nutritive and bio fortified foods. We promote carbon-neutral and organic agriculture / livestock; food safety; super-nutritious foods; and improved food utilisation, processing and storage. In 2022, over 74,000 hectares of land were under improved management.

This greenhouse business in Mehrgon is part of a Common Interest Group supported by AKF through the ESCOMIAD programme with funding from USAID.

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Agricultural Livelihoods and Market Integration

We strengthen the capacity of farming communities to build sustainable and resilient livelihoods from agricultural and livestock value chains. Our approach is based on women and youth inclusion and equitable resource management.

We support financial literacy, economic inclusion and market integration for value chain development, by leveraging community structures such as community-based savings groups and farmers’ associations. These initiatives are linked to:

  • lead firm engagement;

  • out-grower schemes;

  • business corridor or cluster promotion;

  • cross-border market development; and

  • business-enabling environment initiatives.

In Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India, a Self Help Group-run solar powered irrigation scheme was set up in April 2016 with the support of the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP). The scheme is run by 12 SHG members

AKDN / Christopher Wilton-Steer

Enabling Rural Infrastructure

We support the establishment and community management of critical infrastructure. This includes:

  • transportation infrastructure;

  • irrigation infrastructure such as canals, solar-powered irrigation, and precision irrigation; and

  • storage and processing infrastructure for commodities.

In 2022, over a million people were using infrastructure constructed by us or our partners.