In Cabo Delgado, AKF currently supports 123 village development organisations (VDOs) on campaigns and …

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Mozambique | Civil Society

5 million

Over five million Mozambicans have benefited indirectly through the Juntos! civil society organisations

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The Juntos! video lab for creating blended learning courses in Maputo, Mozambique. 

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Blended Learning

The Juntos! approach to capacity building rests on blended learning, which combines short video-based courses ideal for self-study with highly interactive, practically-oriented workshops. Incorporating user-centred design and delivery, technological innovation, new pedagogical methodologies and practical hands-on learning, this approach enables CSOs to learn, connect and collaborate. The initiative also builds the skills of key organisations to create their own blended learning content. This increases local ownership and empowers local organisations by giving them the tools to share their knowledge with others.

Juntos! is part of AKF’s larger Blended Learning Initiative, aimed at raising the capacity of CSOs in the countries where it works. The initiative is designed to help civil society actors to overcome barriers to effective learning and to enable them to access highly localised, practically-oriented, high-quality, low-cost blended learning courses. Courses include organisational strengthening topics such as organisational capacity assessment, storytelling, monitoring and evaluation, communication and collaboration, and resource mobilisation; and relevant programmatic topics such as rural development, sanitation, health, nutrition, water management, vocational training and entrepreneurship.

Courses and other resources are available for free in over 20 languages on the AKF Learning Hub.

Community-led Development

We are committed to putting local communities at the centre of our work, using an inclusive and participatory governance model. This helps to make our interventions directly relevant to local people over the long term. AKF has developed 219 village development organisations (VDOs) across Cabo Delgado and Nampula provinces. AKF supports 58 VDOs in activities that serve more than 110,000 people.

VDOs supported by AKF are:

  • encouraging the engagement of parents in children’s education;

  • mobilising and coordinating community repair of tertiary roads, enabling access to main roads or production fields;

  • promoting opportunities for women to work as community health volunteers; and

  • supporting youth participation in community decision-making.