From the classroom to the community: Teachers as climate change leaders
At Toangoma Secondary School in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, a volunteer expert shows students how to plant tree seedlings and create a micro-forest that will serve as a carbon sink for their community.
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We’ve been talking about the current teenage generation as if they’re disconnected from the real world but many of them have more desire to change things than my own generation did at their age. And the teachers of today know that.

Egoitz Etxeandia, teacher

I've seen a positive engagement from students because we address the problems in our community. We see the impacts of climate change and we do something about it. I have seen my learners become more responsible as they're in charge of the project.

Esther Gacigi, teacher

We want children to be agents of change. They are the generation that can make a change, so we have to start making sure they understand these issues right from the beginning.

Shaibu Athuman, Schools2030 Coordinator