Best pre-school teachers of Tajikistan - 2019 contest participants.

Ministry of Education and Sciences of Tajikistan

The “Best pre-school teacher in Tajikistan-2019” is Angoma Atomamadova, an Early Childhood Development (ECD) teacher from Aga Khan Education Service, Khorog Park Early Childhood Development Centre. Angoma learnt she won first place in this country wide contest in January, 2020.

“I dream to bring up country level achievement to the higher international level. I acknowledge the methods applied within the Early Childhood Development programme of AKES which are proved as developmentally appropriate and effective and comply with the standards for the pre-school educational system of Republic of Tajikistan”- said Angoma.

The contest is held annually by the Ministry of Education and Science of Tajikistan, at regional and country levels. It identifies the best of the best among ECD teachers - from those who are teaching in remote villages to-pre-school teachers in towns and cities’ across the country. Angoma was chosen from the top 5 finalists. She participated in in six rounds of assessment across multiple domains—cognitive, literacy, social-emotional, and physical—she needed to prove children were growing in all the ways that enable them to be healthy and ready for school. The final round of tests gave Angoma the opportunity to demonstrate the practical implementation of her skills and knowledge through demonstration lessons.