“Where there is water, there is progress”: Supporting water management in Tajikistan
For almost three decades, AKDN has been working with the Government of Tajikistan and other international partners to improve access to water for drinking, washing and irrigation. AKDN
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The largest and most important impact that we have is introducing participatory, inclusive, thoughtful approaches in very remote, harsh locations. One thing we did jointly with the Government of Tajikistan is introducing civil society institutions to ensure participation, build capacity and help people become masters of their own development. That enabled us to come up with solutions which were actually coming up from the people themselves, because they know the conditions, they know the geography and their land and agriculture much better.

Kishwar Abdulalishoev, CEO of AKF Tajikistan

The system in Balkh, located some 5.5 km from the source, provides drinking water to almost a thousand residents and also features vital community facilities such as a public health centre and a teahouse. It is connected to each individual household, giving residents regular and improved access to water.

Jahongir Olimov, Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) project manager, Balkh, Khatlon

We used to spend a lot of time boiling water and there was never enough water in our homes. We now have a drinking water delivery system close to our homes, due to structures built by USAID and AKDN. We store water in clean, secure reservoirs and we have more time to devote to other tasks. I want to express my gratitude to all the contributors, volunteers, engineers and donors who made this work possible.

Turdalieva Zebunisso, Surkhob Village, Farkhor District, Khatlon